Russell's Bromeliads

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We ship nationally across the U.S., including to Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, and we also ship internationally into Canada and select other markets

If you are not based in the U.S., call or write us to walk through your situation and ordering needs

Availability may change daily and many items may be subject to the grower’s choice – please specify if no substitutions are permitted

Note that plants within the same species vary in appearance
and may not look exactly like the samples in our photos

  • Returns of healthy plants may be subject to a 10% restocking fee


  • Please call in advance to schedule your visit, so we can ensure having a staff member on hand to address your needs.
  • As a wholesaler, we require all customers to provide a Resale Certificate or Business License, thereby validating that you are a retailer or reseller of our products
  • New customers: Please email or fax us this documentation to enable us to process your order!
  • For Florida-based businesses, we must have a copy on file of your current year’s Florida Annual Resale Certificate to waive the sales tax on your order
  • Please remember to review our care guidelines once your order arrives to help your plants recover from their strenuous journey and get back to tip-top shape!
  • We accept all major credit cards.
  • Due to the unique nature of our plants and products, we do not charge you until your order is ready to ship, once we are certain of all the nuances and specific needs for your order (i.e. any special instructions you have provided, number of boxes required, weight, adverse weather requirements, etc. that affect your shipping and handling costs)
  • Instead, we authorize your card upon your order for an additional 14% to factor in these costs. What you are charged may be less depending on your specific situation; if it’s more, we’ll contact you
  • We also may provide NET 30 payment terms for regular customers who provide a satisfactory credit application.

Order Minimums

  • We have a low minimum order size of just $100

Minimum order quantities for plants:

  • 5x individual plants < $2.00
  • 3x individual plants between $2.01 and $4.49

Shipping and handling costs

  • Shipping at FedEx Ground rates(a); let us know if you would like to use your own FedEx (or UPS) account number
  • Trucklines also an option(b)
  • Packaging: $6.50 / box (double boxing in cold weather is free)
  • Heat packs: $5.50 / box
  • Export processing fee: $50(c)
  • Phytosanitary certificate fee: $60(d)

(a) We generally ship all orders via FedEx Ground service, but we can also ship with UPS if you prefer, and we can use an expedited service if you need and request it. The actual rate will be determined after your order is packed and weighed.

(b) We also regularly work with various trucking operators, some of which may travel to your location. This delivery method tends to be more favorable for shipping during cold weather.

– call us to discuss whether this option would be a better fit for your particular needs.

(c) Applies to international orders only.

(d) Applies to Hawaii and Puerto Rico, and international orders only.

Processing and arrival times for your order

Once you place your order, our goal is to process it within 1-3 business days. During our peak season in the Spring, processing times may take up to a week.

To ensure you get all the supplies you need from us when you need it, we recommend one of the following options:

  1. We can work with you to pre-plan your order fulfillment details well in advance
  2. We can set you up on a recurring schedule (i.e. monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly)
  3. We encourage pre-orders in advance of the busy holiday and peak seasons

Once your order has been processed, our aim is to have it shipped out to you quickly and safely.

Note that the arrival timeframe for your products is heavily dependent on a variety of factors, such as the shipping destination, the size of your order, when we receive your order, as well as adverse weather conditions

Given our Central Florida location and using FedEx/UPS Ground shipping:

  • A customer based in Florida usually gets their order 1 day after we ship it
  • A customer in Boston or Chicago may need 3 business days to get their order after we ship
  • A customer on West Coast may need 5 business days to get their order from when we ship

Once we begin processing your order, our people start working on your behalf: One reviews and confirms your order, others pull the plants from our nursery, some may then create your finished products (we make these to order), and ultimately someone carefully packs all your items. If you cancel your order after we begin processing it and incur costs, we may be forced to charge you a cancellation fee:

-If after 24 hours of ordering: up to a 15% fee may apply
-For a custom/special order: up to a 25% fee may apply

Transit delays

Having distributed Tillandsia for decades, we are well aware of the potential issues that can arise when shipping live plants to all parts of the country at different times of the year!

Air plants are hardy indeed, however, we do not want them to be sitting in a dark, dry box any longer than they need to be!

  • We want their appearance to be as rich and striking when they arrive at your facility as when we packed them up for you
  • So we aim to avoid situations where your box is stuck in a truck or warehouse while in transit, which tends to happen on weekends and holiday periods

Our solution: typically, we ship out orders that come in from Friday close of business through Tuesday of that same week, while orders that come in from Wednesday on may need to wait until the following week to get shipped

  • again, it depends on size and shipping location

Cold weather

  • Without taking precautions, air plants will freeze to death in temperatures at or below 32°F (0°C)
  • We certainly don’t want that and make every effort to ensure this doesn’t happen!

Our solutions: Depending on the forecasted temperatures both along the transit hubs to and at the shipping destination, we will automatically add additional items to your order to keep the plants warm, including:

  • Double boxing the order
  • Adding heat packs in the boxes
  • Extra insulation with heavy paper and/or heavy bubble wrap
  • Putting your order on hold until weather conditions permit (we will contact you if this becomes necessary)

We can always expedite your order’s arrival with 3-day, 2-day, or next-day shipping with either FedEx or UPS. Shipping companies charge a lot for these faster service times, so we strongly recommend that you plan your product needs and timing well in advance of when you need it!

Call us at 800-832-5632 or 407-656-5541 or write us at [email protected], so we can work out the best plan for your situation!

NOTE: Despite our best efforts, shipping errors, delays and damage outside of our control can and do happen. We are not responsible for issues caused by FedEx, UPS, or other shipping services. These shippers automatically include a $100 limit of liability, and you should reach out to them if something goes amiss while your order is in their care.